Cao Ang (onyomi: Sō Kō) is the oldest son of Cao Cao. When Wan Castle is attacked by Zhang Xiu, this

ROTK12 Cao Zhang-1

dutiful son gives Cao Cao his horse to escape. Subsequently unable to escape himself, he dies in battle.

Cao Ang appears as one of the units to assist his father's escape at Wan Castle. Unlike Dian Wei, he stays by his father's side as they work through the burning passageways. He separates from the main group near the end of the stage to fight off the southern reinforcements. Even if the player clears Wan Castle on Cao Cao's side, there is no guarantee that Cao Ang will survive.

Cao Ang's name is misspelled in Dynasty Warriors 5 as "Cao Mao". He only shows up at Wan Castle if the player uses Cao Cao and will approach the castle with reinforcements. Once he arrives, the battle is won, similar to how it will be won if Cao Cao successfully escapes when not playing as him.

Dynasty Warriors 7 gives him a more significant role. He makes his first appearance at Xu Province, defending Cao Cao's main camp against Lu Bu's forces. He later appers at Wan Castle in the middle of the first part and vowes to lead Cao Cao to safety. Near the end of the battle, he is shot down by Zhang Xiu's arbalests. His death can be prevented by avoiding going near the westernmost arbalest and killing enemies until Zhang Xiu appears, after which he has to be killed in order to stop the arbalests. Even if Cao Ang is saved, he does not appear in any future battles.

In Dynasty Warriors 8, saving his life is a requirement in preventing Dian Wei's death. He is located with Cao Anmin within the castle area that has much stronger fire and fights the enemy officers. They are both unable to be defeated until Cao Cao mentions that they have been split from them. If the player is able to save them in time, they will rush to Dian Wei's aid and assist him after he is critically wounded by the archer ambush, allowing him to survive the battle. Additionally, Cao Ang also appears in Shu's version of the defense of Xu Province as an enemy.

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