ROTK12 Cao Zhang

Cao Zhang (onyomi: Sō Shō) is Cao Cao's fourth son who is said to have wrestled wild animals with his bare hands. His father nicknamed him "Yellow Beard".

He became famous for victories against the Wuhuan tribes, but deemed an unworthy heir due to his disinterest in studies. There are several rumors surrounding his death, the most famous tale though, involved him being poisoned by Cao Pi.

For his appearance in Dynasty Warriors 2, Cao Zhang tends to appear as a sub-officer of his father during the later Wei battles until Wu Zhang Plains. He is given an expanded role in the sequels, where he starts to appear around Chi Bi and serves in numerous battles, mainly against Shu.

In Dynasty Warriors 6, Cao Zhang again continues to serve Wei past his historical death. At He Fei Castle, Cao Zhang will be the commander of Wei's forces if the player chooses to play as Cao Cao. Otherwise, he will replace any other Wei general or fight on his own.

In Dynasty Warriors 7, Cao Zhang only appears at Shu's version of Guandu and at Mt. Dingjun. In the former, he is part of Cao Pi's party who ambush Liu Bei. In the latter, he tends to defend the foot of the mountain in Wei's perspective.

Dynasty Warriors 8 has Cao Zhang appear more frequently again, with him now also appearing at Nanjun fighting the Wu forces. He also joins his father at Baidi Castle to unite the land in Wei's hypothetical path.

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