Dynasty Warriors 4 took out many characters that were in Dynasty Warriors 3, but were later introduced in Dynasty Warriors 4: Extreme Legends. However, Dynasty Warriors 4 had better graphics than Dynasty Warriors 3 which made up for it.

The downside to Dynasty Warriors 4 is the horrible gameplay. When you play in Dynasty Warriors 4, no matter what character you're playing as, you will always be slow to attack, slow to get up, and it will be hard to move around once you're attacking. It's also very hard just to get on a horse and ride off because the enemy soldiers around you are always hitting you the second you get on the horse, throwing you off. It is also harder to beat soldiers in Dynasty Warriors 4. Because of the slow attack rate and horrible defense, you could be jumped by a group of soldiers and have no way of defending yourself since you're too busy being hit for the gameplay to understand that you want to attack.

The stages are also confusing and difficult to understand. If you need to get from point A to point B, there's only a secret passage that will lead you there, which is extremely hard to find, and then once you get there, the leader is hard to beat because he's either running or smashing you to bits since you have a slow attack rate. It's also confusing because once you defeat the "leader," the stage doesn't end. There's always some trick you have to do to win. So overall, it's a pretty confusing a frusterating game. However, Dynasty Warriors 5, thankfully, fixed all their flaws they had in the last game, and now everything is easy and understandable.