The characters of Dynasty Warriors 6

Dynasty Warriors 6 was a breakthrough in animation. The HD gameplay grabbed players and had them hooked.

There are many extra options you can do in Dynasty Warriors 6 than you could do in any other Dynasty Warriors game. For instance, you can now climb ladders and jump from great heights, you can also have more attack combos and weapons. However, Dynasty Warriors 6 was a step down from Dynasty Warriors 5 in a lot of ways. For instance, Koei took out a total of eight characters from the previous, Dynasty Warriors 5 game, including mostly girls. So the only girls left in Dynasty Warriors 6 are: Diao Chan, Xiao Qiao, Sun Shang Xiang, Zhen Ji, and Yue Ying. Koei also removed the "musou mode" option for every character in Dynasty Warriors 6, which gave each character their own story mode. However, in Dynasty Warriors 6, only a handful of characters have their own musou mode, the rest you can only play in free mode.

Dynasty Warriors 6 also redesigned all the characters' outfits so that they are more modern and cool. Instead of looking like they're about to battle, they look like they're going to go down the cat walk. These makeovers even redid personalities completely, turning tough chicks into girly girls and peasants into princes. They also gave everyone a new weapon (ex. Sun Shang Xiang and Yue Ying got a bow and arrow, Diao Chan and Zhen Ji got whips, and Lu Bu got a spiral spear.)