Name: Gan Ning

Kingdom: Wu

Position: Warrior

Age: 23

Weapon: Sword

Family: None

Spouse: None


Gan Ning is the tattooed, care-free, sword fighting pirate of Dynasty Warriors. He is very much like Mugan, from the anime Samurai Champloo.

It is revealed that Gan Ning is the "king" of the pirates, since he is in control of so many of them, and uses them to fight his enemies. Also, because he is a pirate, it is normal for him to steal ships, only to have other pirates attack him, but it doesn't really matter to him because he'll just grab a sword and kill all of them. Gan Ning is one of the stronger characters in the game, since he is swift and strong, he won't allow you a chance to strike, so it will be hard to beat him. He always arrives in style, the bells on his waist signal that he coming to get you.

Because he is a pirate, he has no manners, and is constantly propping his feet up on tables and barging into meetings without being told to, but since he is a valuable warrior, no one ever complains.

Gan Ning's main friend, and rival, was Ling Tong. At Xia Kou, Gan Ning killed Ling Tong's father, Ling Cao, as he was his enemy. Soon after Wu had beaten Ning's officer, Huang Zu, Gan Ning joined Wu after he was betrayed by the man.

Gan Ning seems to be partners with Zhang Liao since they are seen mostly with each other and fighting with each other. They also seem to share a close bond since whenever you kill one of them, the other one cries and attacks you with all their might. They are also a very cocky pair since they seem to think they can't be defeated and that they can take out anyone, but really, it's very easy to take down both of them when they're together.

Over time, Gan Ning proved to be a great force to be reckoned with, and he still had a furious Ling Tong on his tail. At times, Ling Tong tried to kill him, even once during a glorius dinner, claiming it to be a sword show.

At a very important battle, He Fei, Gan Ning told Ling Tong why he had done it. "Kill your enemy, Protect your aliies! All that's to it." After hearing that, The two started growing as friends.

At the end of Gan Ning's musou mode in Dynasty Warriors 5, he is seen going back to his original pirate lifestyle and resting on his boat, saying that it was nice that the war was over, but now he can't have any fun. Right after he says that, some pirates from another ship jump onto his ship to attack him. Gan Ning smiles, glad that he can have some fun again, then runs to attack the intruders.