Name: Guan Ping

Kingdom: Shu

Position: Warrior

Age: 22

Weapon: Sword

Family: Guan Yu (Father), Zhang Fei (Uncle), Liu Bei (Uncle), Xing Cai (Cousin), Liu Chan (cousin)

Spouse: None


Guan Ping is the son of Guan Yu and a faithful warrior of Shu. He, along with Xing Cai, are seen as the future of Shu since they are the children of the powerful "Emerald Brothers." They willingly take on this responsibility and do their best to become stronger so they can live up to their fathers' expectations. However, Xing Cai doesn't feel as much pressure from her father than Guan Ping does. Guan Ping lives his whole life comparing himself to Guan Yu, and always introducing himself as "I am the son of Guan Yu!" However, in Warriors Orochi 2, Guan Yu finally overcame his low self-esteem when his father set up a test for him to see if he was strong enough to over come his father. At the end of the test, Guan Ping was challenged by Guan Yu, and if he beat him, then he would pass the test. Guan Yu then stood up proudly and said, "I am the son, I am Guan Ping!" Overcomming his low self-esteem, he successfully beat his father, gaining his father's respect.

Guan Ping and Guan Yu are not actually related. Guan Yu adopted Guan Ping because Guan Ping already had Guan Yu's family name. However, even though they're not blood related, Guan Yu still treated him as a son, but with tough-love, as most fathers do with their sons.

Guan Ping is childhood friends with his cousin, Xing Cai. Since they are both seen as the future of Shu, they spent a lot of time together training. They are also seen running into each other on the battlefield a lot. When they meet on the battlefield, they agree to fight together, showing their close friendship.

Guan Ping is also rumoured to have romantic feelings for Xing Cai, but this is never shown in any of the games.

Guan Ping's appearance in Dynasty Warriors 5 is somewhat....funny. For some reason, he is cross-eyed in the game, giving him a silly look. However, no one else commented on this in the game. Sadly, they took out his cross-eyes in Dynasty Warriors 6, along with changing his appearance completely so he doesn't look like a five year old in heavy armor anymore.