Li Jue (onyomi: Ri Kaku) was an officer who once served under Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo's

Wang Yun (DWB)-0

assassination, he and his peers killed Wang Yun. He then took Emperor Xian and assumed control over the government. However, due to a plot concocted by Yang Biao, he ended up fighting his ally Guo Si, which led to his own demise.

Li Jue is a generic officer under Dong Zhuo in all Dynasty Warriors titles. In Dynasty Warriors 4, Dong Zhuo allows him to command his army at Si Shui Gate, but he was replaced byHua Xiong in Dynasty Warriors 5. In Dynasty Warriors Next, Li Jue is stationed at Jinyang during the events of the coalition against Dong Zhuo. Players have the option of defeating him and Guo Si to reclaim Chang'an during the fourth chapter

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