Lu Bu in Dynasty Warriors 5

Name: Lu Bu

Kingdom: Other

Position: Former General of Dong Zhou's army.

Age: 29

Weapon: "Ji" cresent blade halberd (Dynasty Warriors 1-5), Giant Shuriken-like quad halberds (Dynasty Warriors 6)

Family: Dong Zhou (Adoptive Father), Ling Qi (Daughter)

Spouse: Diao Chan


Lu Bu is known as the fiercest warrior in the land and he will take no mercy on anyone. He is the adopted son of Dong Zhou and the only reason Dong Zhou keeps Lu Bu around is to force him to fight for him. In the beginning of the game Lu Bu just grumbles about having to follow Dong Zhou's orders, but later on Diao Chan comes along and breaks them up, due to her father's request, and frees Lu Bu from Dong Zhou. After Dong Zhou is defeated, Lu Bu and Diao Chan go off to conquer the land together.

It is known that Lu Bu is a hard person to beat. However, the one thing that will make him twice as hard to beat, is if Diao Chan is defeated. Diao Chan is always seen before Lu Bu on the battlefield. She is there to protect him and puts her life on the line to do it. Although she is tough and may knock down some of your health points, try to avoid her and go straight for Lu Bu. If you accidently defeat Diao Chan, Lu Bu will be enraged and will gain Musou Rage. He will also scream about how you'll pay for Diao Chan's death, along with crying over the death of his beloved.

In Dynasty Warriors 6 it is revealed that Lu Bu and Diao Chan had a daughter together named Ling Qi, but their daughter took after Lu Bu more than Diao Chan since she loved to fight, and the only reason she fights is to live up to her father's prestigious reputation since he is known and often titles as the God of War.

Lu Bu, along with Zuo Ci, is one of the strongest characters in the game. In fact, if the level you're playing is not designed to make Lu Bu easy to fight, he will tear you limb from limb. He is also the only character in the game with a horse named Red Hare, which is actually the strongest and fastest horse in the game, and he is always seen riding it. However, if you knock him off his horse and run away, when you come back, he will be riding another Red Hare, with the one you knocked him off of standing right next to him.