Wang Yun (DWB)

Wang Yun (onyomi: Ō In) is an interior minister of the Han who served Emperor Xian. He is one of the main conspirators regarding Dong Zhuo's downfall. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, he did this by using his adoptive daughter,Diaochan.

Throughout the Dynasty Warriors series, he will appear during the Yellow Turban Rebellion as a lieutenant for He Jin. Similarly, at the Battle of Hu Lao Gate, he will be serving under DiaoChan.

In Dynasty Warriors 6, Wang Yun briefly appears in Diao Chan's cinematic entitled "An Oath Given to a Father" in a flashback. She slays enemy soldiers standing over him and rushes towards her father. He commends her for destroying Dong Zhuo before dying.

Wang Yun first appears in Dynasty Warriors Next as an imperial officer participating in the subjugation of the Yellow Turbans at Jinyang. Initially stationed at Chang'an during the second chapter, he fights against the coalition at Hulao Gate while plotting against Dong Zhuo in secrecy. He is believed to have died following the tyrant's demise, though Lu Bu's chapter reveals him to be alive observing current events in secrecy. Deeming Lu Bu an even greater threat to the land than Dong Zhuo, he and Diaochan conspire with the other warlords to subdue his rampage. Insisting his daughter's affection for Lu Bu is fake, Wang Yun's words are unheeded by the lone warrior who slays him and everyone else to reach Diaochan.

In Dynasty Warriors 8, Dong Zhuo discovers his assassination plot and has him hunted down within the capital. He and Diaochan struggle to make it out alive until the latter persuades Lu Bu to assist them. Wang Yun personally contributes to Dong Zhuo's demise by risking his life to delay the tyrant's escape. Xtreme Legendshas him aid Diaochan and Lu Bu during the revolt at Chang'an by lifting the drawbridge west of Dong Zhuo's main camp, effectively trapping the tyrant. His safety is one of the essential requirements needed to unlock Lu Bu's hypothetical route. He also hosts a Nobility Tournament beside Cai Yong at Wujun pitting the Sun, Cao and Yuan clans against each other.

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