Xing Cai on the cover of a Dynasty Warriors game


Name: Xing Cai

Kingdom: Shu

Position: Warrior

Age: 25 (looks 19)

Weapon: Sword & Shield

Family: Zhang Fei (Father),

Spouse: Liu Chan


Xing Cai, daughter of Zhang Fei, is the most serious of all the female characters, and only has one thing on her mind: winning the war. She is actually more courageous than her king, who she always tells to stay behind so he won't get hurt. Because of this, the king feels inferior and asks Xing Cai to train him. She agrees, and although the king does poorly, he doesn't give up and continues to fight Xing Cai even though it wears him down. Later, Xing Cai married her king, Liu Chan, but this was never seen in the game.

Xing Cai's and Liu Chan's relationship grew throughout the game. At first, Xing Cai only told him to stay behind at the castle so he wouldn't get hurt, but as the battles went by, Liu Chan went to join her on the battlefield more and more because, as he admitted on the battlefield, he couldn't live without her, so he will fight with her and protect her. He held her hand while saying this to her.

Xing Cai is also rumoured to like Guan Ping, the son of her father's sworn brother, but they are never shown having feelings towards each other, they just have a close friendship.

Xing Cai is also one of the most difficult to fight. Unlike all the other female characters, not only does she have a long spear that she can use for long range attacks, she also has a large, steel shield that she uses all the time when not attacking. She has rapid attacking skill, and by the time you get back up you cannot damage her since she blocks with her shield. So she takes some time to defeat, and you are constantly having to leave the battle to search for HP.

Xing Cai was first introduced in Dynasty Warriors 5, but soon became one of the main characters since she is so strong. She is even seen as the only girl in the opening of Dynasty Warriors 5, along with all the main male characters. In the opening, she is shown having green dragons fly around her, revealing that she fights with the spirit and power of a dragon. Xing Cai was also on the cover of a Dynasty Warriors game for the PSP instead of a male character who is usually on the covers.

Xing Cai is pronounced Shing-Kai. However, in Warriors Orochi 2, the pronounciation of her name changed for some reason. Instead of being called Xing Cai, she was called Xing Sai. Although the spelling was still the same, they changed the "ka" sound in her sane to a "sa" sound. It was never revealed why Koei did this.

Xing Cai was not included in Dynasty Warriors 6, but it has been confirmed that she will appear in Dynasty Warriors 7.